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Bottle Your Cask
We can help you to bottle your cask of Scotch Whisky

Do you have a cask of Scotch Whisky that you would like to bottle?

Blackadder is often approached by private owners of casks of Scotch whisky wanting help with bottling their casks. There is much involved in moving and bottling a cask of Scotch whisky, including producing the proper movement and bottling paperwork and making sure that your whisky is bottled to a high standard of quality and delivered at your point of delivery with all local taxes and duties properly paid.

One of the biggest problems for the cask owner is living in a high alcohol tax country. There can also often be problems involved in taking delivery as and how you would wish rather than delivery having to be made through a nominated shop or monopoly local supplier.

Blackadder has the answer for those that privately own their own casks. We have made arrangement with our friends at Scoma in Germany for your cask, or casks, to be bottled by Blackadder in Scotland and then delivered to you at Scoma in Jever with German alcohol and sales taxes being fully paid at the point of delivery.

For full details of how this service operates read on......

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Caliken Calligraphy
If you are interested in whisky labels and calligraphy, the art of lettering, follow this link to the website of label designer Ken Fraser.

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