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Bottle Your Cask
We can help you to bottle your cask of Scotch Whisky
How is it done...?
  • The customer sells his cask to Blackadder at current value.* The cost of the cask will be credited on the invoice from Blackadder when the customer buys the bottled cask back. No money will be transferred at this stage.
  • The customer sends a signed "Delivery Order" for the cask to Blackadder. (Blackadder will assist in making the document).
  • The transaction is considered done when Blackadder has received a certificate of transfer signed by the keeper of the warehouse where the cask is lying. This certificate will be issued by the warehouse and sent to Blackadder after it has received your signed "Delivery Order" countersigned by Blackadder.
2 Blackadder will produce labels according to the customer's wishes. Where we agree your label may also be a special variation of a Blackadder label that incorporates, in part, your own design or logo. However, the label may be completely of your own chosing provided that the label follows EC regulations and contains the words "Bottled by Blackadder International Ltd."
3 Blackadder will move the cask to the bottling plant and carry out the bottling and packaging. The cask will also be regauged at the bottling plant. This reguage figure will be used to determine the final purchase price of the cask paid by Blackadder.
4 The customer buys the bottled cask back from Blackadder, still under bond. The invoice will include cask cost, Blackadder handling charge, shipment costs and a credit of the cask cost invoice.
A copy of this invoice must be sent to Scoma by the customer!!
5 Blackadder will ship the bottles to Scoma in Germany after recieving full payment.
6 When the pallet of whisky has arrived with Scoma in Germany the customer will be notified that the whisky has arrived and can be collected.
  • The customer collects the whisky from Scoma in Jever, Germany and pays the costs for Scoma's handling charge, German alchohol tax and German VAT.
  • Scoma ships the whisky to an address or addresses given by the customer after recieving payment in full for Scoma's handling charge, shipping cost, German alchohol tax and German VAT.
8 Blackadder will advise about the pricing but this will be based on the calculated rgl (reguaged litres) of the cask, which will be confirmed as final by the reguaged litres given by the bottling hall following actual bottling.
It may be that you feel that the number of bottles of whisky in your cask is more than you want for your own personal use. If so, please discuss your needs with Blackadder. In some cases, where we consider the quality of the cask to be of a standard for bottling as a Blackadder whisky, we may agree a price whereby Blackadder purchases some of your cask and bottles this for itself.
Any additional ALCOHOL TAX, SALES TAX or other duties or taxes claimed by any Country or Revenue Authority upon the export of a customer's whisky outside Germany is the responsibility of and to be paid for by the customer.
Blackadder strongly advises checking tax and duty regulations of your own country before going ahead with any purchase. If your country is an EC member you should determine how many bottles each individual can personally import for private use when they are tax and duty paid in another EC member state. In accordance with EC laws any personal importation from one EC member to another must be for private consumption only and not for resale. Compliance with and obligations under local customs, revenue and importations regulations are fully the responsibility of the customer and are not the responsibility of Blackadder either in whole or in part.
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If you are interested in whisky labels and calligraphy, the art of lettering, follow this link to the website of label designer Ken Fraser.
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