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Bottle Your Cask
We can help you to bottle your cask of Scotch Whisky
Useful Information
We recommend private owners bottle at cask strength as this minimizes the number of bottles required making it cheaper for bottling and requiring less storage space. The materials needed for our standard single malt presentation include:
  • tall round clear bottle
  • varnished wood top stopper cork
  • gold coloured pure tin capsule (or black if using adapted Blackadder label).
  • plain white outer cases. Blackadder will produce labels accordingly to the customer's wishes. The label must follow the EC regulations and must contain the words "Bottled by Blackadder International Ltd.". You are of course welcome to supply your own labels. We recommend that you supply plain paper as opposed to self adhesive and we can supply details of suitable paper and the correct paper grain alignment. If you plan to print your own be aware that labels printed on ink jet computer printers are likely to have the ink run if the whisky is spilled on the label. A laser colour printer is however a very good option for short run label production.
  • A typical hogshead cask of 10 year old whisky will yield around 280 bottles at a strength close to 60% alcohol. If you were to bottle at 40% this would entail the addition of around 120 litres of water and would require an extra 171 bottles to contain the increased bulk volume. Whisky bottled without chill-filtration at low strength can be very cloudy, especially when cold. However, Blackadder will not bottle chill-filtered whisky as this impairs the flavour of the whisky. We strongly recommend a minimum bottling strength of at 45-46% vol. Colouring: Blackadder will not add caramel colouring to any whisky it bottles.
    Cask Contents
    Sherry Cask Original Fill 500 litersWhisky at 63.5%
    10 years old 410 litersApprox.loss 2%/year
    Outturn (70cl) 580 bottlesat cask strength (c:a 58%)
    Hogshead Original Fill 250 litersWhisky at 63.5%
    10 years old 205 litersApprox.loss 2%/year
    Outturn (70cl) 290 bottlesat cask strength (c:a 58%)
    Barrel Original Fill 205 litersWhisky at 63.5%
    10 years old 168 litersApprox.loss 2%/year
    Outturn (70cl) 240 bottlesat cask strength (c:a 58%)
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    Caliken Calligraphy
    If you are interested in whisky labels and calligraphy, the art of lettering, follow this link to the website of label designer Ken Fraser.
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