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A Drop of The Irish
Pure unfiltered Irish malt whiskey
A Drop of The Irish

Irish whiskey distillers have always fiercely and jealously guarded the independence of their spirit. They produce a different style of malt whiskey to their Scottish cousins, preferring to triple-distil their whiskeys. And the fact that Irish whiskey is usually unpeated also serves to help argue the differences between these two distinctly different yet complementary spirits.

At Blackadder International, we want you to celebrate that difference but we also want you to enjoy Irish whiskey as it was always traditionally enjoyed. So, just as with our fine Scotch single malt whiskies, we will not alter the spirit of Ireland when we put it in the bottle. A Drop of the Irish is just that! We have selected some of the finest individual casks of unpeated Irish single malt whiskey, distilled at the world’s oldest distillery in County Antrim, and vatted them in small batches of casks without the addition of any caramel colouring and with just the minimum filter to remove the traces of cask that might otherwise find their way into the bottle.

A Drop of the Irish is bottled at 45% vol without any chill-filtration, a process that removes much of the natural fats, oils and flavours in the whiskey. Because of this, it may appear slightly cloudy, especially when a little water is added, and the whiskey may throw a sediment, as happens with fine wines. You may even notice some of the whiskey’s natural fats suspended in the spirit, especially if the bottle has been stored in a cool place. All this is perfectly natural.

Because of how it is bottled, A Drop of the Irish contains all the natural oils and fats of a fine whiskey to give a fuller, rounder more satisfying taste in the mouth and a much greater and lingering depth of flavour. Enjoy it with a little clear fresh water – any good quality still, non-flavoured water is a perfect accompaniment. This addition of water allows the spirit room to breathe and lets the esters escape from the fats in the spirit. It is these esters that give the depth of flavour and character to A Drop of the Irish.

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