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Blackadder Smoking Islay
The Very Smoky Very Peaty Islay Malt
Blackadder Smoking Islay

Single Casks of fine non-filtered, non-coloured single malt whiskies are nowadays becoming rather hard to track down. Indeed, casks of some of the more celebrated and powerfully flavoured are becoming like henís teeth to get hold of. But when you do manage to track down one of these rare masterpieces... wow! Then you know what you have been missing.

Blackadder has managed to source a supply of just such casks which we are bottling as Blackadder Smoking Islay. But to ensure our supply we have to be a bit secretive about exactly what is contained in each cask. Perhaps thatís part of the fun in enjoying a glass or two of Smoking Islay - trying to guess what is in it! Itís certainly very smoky and peaty and with a surprisingly long, sweet smoky finish.

If you love smoky, peaty Islays then this is for you! Please feel free to post your guesses about what is in your bottle of Smoking Islay on our comments page. Your views about our whiskies are always welcomed - good or bad.

Smoking Islay
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