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Malt Maniac Awards 2007

Glen Grant 1970
Source:Blackadder International

The Malt Maniacs Awards for 2007 have just been released and it is another first for Blackadder.

Malt Maniac Gold Medal

In 2005 Blackadder won the Supreme Sherry Cask Award for the Best Sherry Cask Whisky of the year for one of our Sherry Cask Blairfindy bottlings; in 2006 Blackadder won the Love-It-Or-Hate It Award for Blackadder Smoking Islay; and in 2007 we have done it again! Blackadder Raw Cask Sherry Cask Glen Grant 36 year old 1970 (bottled 2006) from cask ref: 7216 is the winner of the Supreme Sherry Cask Award in the Ultra Premium section.

Sadly there were only 173 bottles from this supreme cask of Blackadder Raw Cask Glen Grant making it a very rare treasure indeed, however, such is the high quality of Blackadder whiskies as evidenced by the awards issued by the very independently-minded Malt Maniacs that you can be sure that there are other gems waiting out there for you to discover!

Because there are now so many entries in the Malt Maniacs awards competition Blackadder chose to only enter three of our favourite whiskies this year. We were thinking of the Malt Maniacs’ taste buds! Three was the right number, however, as all three were, in fact, award winners! Blackadder’s other two winning whiskies were:

Raw Cask Glenugie 24yo 1981/2006 61.8%, ref. 5515 (552 bottles) and

Raw Cask Rosebank 15yo 1990/2006 59.5%, ref: 1522 (294 Bottles)

Blackadder has now entered whiskies in this competition for three years with the following results.

2005. Five whiskies entered. Awards: 1, Gold medals: 1, Silver medals: 4,
2006. Eight whiskies entered. Awards: 1, Silver medals: 6, Bronze medals: 2
2007. Three whiskies entered. Awards 1, Gold medals: 1, Bronze medals: 2

This makes a total of 16 whiskies entered, 3 Awards: 2 Gold Medals; 10 Silver Medals and 4 Bronze Medals.

Every whisky entered by Blackadder in this competition for the past three years has won a medal of excellence!
Malt Maniacs
A note on the Malt Maniacs Awards….taken from the Malt Manias own website
Since the 'prehistoric' days of the malt maniacs (the 1990's) we have been frustrated by the 'chocolate medals' that were printed on the labels and boxes of some whisky bottles. Apparently, these medals and awards were handed out by members of the whisky industry - and apparently their tastes in whisky were not always similar to ours. So, we decided to set up an alternative competition of our own. The first edition in 2003 was relatively modest with just two dozen participants and less than 100 bottles. Nevertheless, it was a big success (well, we'd like to think so) and just three years later we were forced to limit the number of bottles in the competition to 200.
Although this is still an amateur competition we take it very seriously, so each jury member spends at least an hour with each whisky in the competition. We've perfected the fine art of 'microdramming' and try each whisky at least two or three times - 100% blind of course - to guarantee 'solid' scores. What’s more, we don't charge 'entry fees' like 'professional' competitions do. That means that we're not forced to hand out medals to our 'customers' in return for their entry fees. If you know that some 'professional' competitions charge 400 dollars for each bottle that is entered into the competition, you'll understand that their main concern is not necessarily providing 'Joe Public' with useful and reliable information. But don't take our word for it; simply buy a few medal winning whiskies and compare our collective opinion with that of other, more 'professional' jury's. Why don't YOU be the judge for yourself?
Källa:Malt Maniacs
Published: 2008-01-22
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