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We buy Casks of Malt Whisky
Do you have a cask or casks of whisky you would like to sell?
Blackadder always pays top prices.

Perhaps you would like part of your cask bottled for you but there is too much in the cask for your own use. We will be pleased to arrange a purchase that includes some bottles with your own personal labels. These can then be either delivered to you via a local agent or collected by yourself in person from our bottling warehouse in Scotland.

Please use the form below to notify us of the cask(s) you have for sale and the asking price you are offering the cask for sale at. We need to know distillery, date the cask was filled and how many litres of alcohol the cask was originally filled with (if you don't know this please give us what information you do have).

Sell your cask
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The Black Watch
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Caliken Calligraphy
If you are interested in whisky labels and calligraphy, the art of lettering, follow this link to the website of label designer Ken Fraser.
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